About us

Our mission is to elevate the health and quality of life of people living with poorly served chronic conditions.

How it Started

We met in social impact accelerator Zinc, which focuses on building new companies that solve the developed world’s toughest social issues. We embarked on the programme to solve physical illnesses using a behavioral health approach, drug free, and with sustained results. We’ve experienced IBS first hand as patients and clinicians. Back then, we felt powerless in front of this a complex and hard-to-treat disorder. When we found that there are solutions proven to work within behavioral health, effective for a variety of chronic conditions, we set on a mission to make access to these therapies convenient and affordable, around the world.

Our purpose is to free people from the burden of various modern stress-related illnesses, enabling them to live boldly. Besides IBS, there are numerous other conditions where pharmaceutical approaches either don’t exist yet, or are partial and missing the mindbody link. We therefore seek to help chronically underserved patient populations get control over their body and mind, and to get their life back.

" We develop treatment options that utilize digital health technology to address hard to treat medical conditions, which require an integrative approach between biological and psychological interventions. Digital therapeutics often employ strategies rooted in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Because of the digital nature of the methodology, data can be collected and analysed to inform interventions and enhance outcomes. "

Our Team


Experienced team with complementary skills

Elena Mustatea

Chief Executive Officer

Strategy, Investment Banking, Ex Venture Capitalist

Dr. Jossy Onwude

Chief Medical & Product Officer

Medical Doctor, Digital Health Expert

Dr. Matthew Stammers

Head of Clinical

Gastroenterology Specialist, NHS Clinical Entrepreneur

Leonard Dimayuga

Chief Technology Officer

Software Engineer, Machine Learning
Expert Advisors

World class collaborators

Dr. Peter Whorwell

Professor of Gastroenterology

University of Manchester

Melissa Hunt, PhD

Associate Director of Clinical Training

University of Pennsylvania

Prof. Chris Eccleston

Director of the Centre for Pain Research

University of Bath

Dr. Howard Newton

Consultant in Psychological Medicine

Neurology, AI Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Gary Bennett, PhD

Director at Global Digital Health Science Center

Duke University

Company Values

Patient Safety

We are committed to changing the lives of patients and ensuring that they come first by making putting safety measures in whatever we do.

Evidence Based

In the pursuit of the best possible outcome, we are built on evidence-based practice in order to improve quality of care and increase patient satisfaction.


We pride ourselves in being transparent and ethically upright in all our dealings with people we touch, patients, partners and employees.


we constantly work towards our vision with energy and drive despite the unpredictable odds, always creative and innovative in our response to solutions.