Bold Health

Boldly going where no one has gone before

Our team is on a mission to revolutionise the patient experience. We’re focussing on chronic digestive conditions that drain healthcare resources.

By designing digital therapies that are both evidence-based and engaging, we can empower patients to overcome daily challenges by activating behaviour change.

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Bringing down the chronic illness price tag

Healthcare is the largest spender in the US economy, topping the chart at a $3 trillion annual spend.

80–90% of that goes to chronic illness management(1).

When treating digestive conditions, clinicians typically address the physical symptoms, not the root behavioural or genetic cause. This results in patients that are considered ‘chronically’ ill and remain on hospital lists for years.

Our low cost digital therapeutics are designed to change that.

Bold Health Values


We build the foundation of our products using published research and expert advice. We cut through the noise with real quantifiable data and offer users a trusted source they can rely on.


Our products are born from a deep desire to meet patient’s need for effective, accessible and cost-effective treatments, with beautiful and engaging products.

Continuously evolving

Bold constantly evolves and improves the technology we use to meet the needs of users. Science works just as fast.So by constantly reviewing our evidence base, we ensure that our products are up-to-date and effective.


We forge our path ahead relentlessly in spite of any challenge, to achieve our mission to enable access to quality digital care.

Bold Health Team

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Elena Mustatea
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Dr Jossy Onwude
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Danny Witters
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Juman Hamza
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Mona Yang
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Leen Hashem

Our partners in science & health

Institutional partnerships

We partner with leading institutions to create and validate our digital therapeutics

Investors and supporters

Science & research advisors

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Dr Newton Howard

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Professor Peter Whorwell

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Helen Burton-Murray

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Professor Claudia Witt

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Dr Annie Lau

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Dr Melissa Hunt

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Dr Baihua Li

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Dr Paul Grewal

Commercial advisors

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James Alford

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Dr Nana Bit-Avragim

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Bernhard Schmidt

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Lars Buch

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Ella Goldner

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Sandy Kory

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Lila Taylor

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Dr Vishal Gulati

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Steve Seuntjens


Join the Bold Health team

The Bold Health team is made up of doctors, data scientists, engineers, and designers all with a passion to better the life of people with digestive disorders.

Check our openings or contact us to let us know how we can work together.

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Current openings

Clinical Learning & Development AnalystLondon